QuickPF: PF Management System

QuickPF is a proven reliable solution to manage PF Trust Accounts. Its seamless integration with third party Payroll, HRMS and SAP etc. makes it a powerful platform to manage all PF Trust Accounts. It has an integrated mobile app for all PF Members with features like viewing their contributions, opening balance, hassle free withdrawal and many more.

Certain public and private sector companies have their own PF trusts to manage employee contributions. These companies manage the contributions instead of sending them to the EPFO. Such companies are known as Exempted PF Trusts.

EPFO is Employees Provident Fund Organization under the Ministry of Labour. PF Trust is a trust authorised by the EPFO to maintain provident fund accounts of employees of a firm / corporate body.

Yes, it is possible to transfer funds from EPFO to PF Trust and vice versa.

The administration charge for an EPF member is around 1.1%, while for an exempted PF trust member, the inspection charge is only 0.18%. Over time, this might save costs. Since PF trusts manage the employee contributions, they have to pay the same EPFO interest rate or a higher rate.

Following are the benefits of Exempted PF:

  • Efficiency: Exempted PF members pay only 0.18% as administrative charges rather than 1.1%.
  • Returns: Private PF trusts must offer at least the EPF interest rate or more. Therefore, higher interest rates benefit the members.
  • Service: Private PF trusts are more responsive and offer a higher degree of service. Therefore, in comparison to the EPFO service, private trust services are faster.
  • Taxation: Similar to EPF, exempted PF trust employee contributions up to INR 2,50,000 are tax exempted under section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Interest and employer’s contributions are also tax-free. However, if you leave the company before completing five years of service, both the employer contribution and interest are taxable.

Though the private trust generates a UAN for you, you cannot view your EPF passbook online. Furthermore, withdrawal requests in the case of Exempted PF cannot be made online. You can view the details of your contribution in your salary slips.

Here comes the role of QuickPF - PF Management System, If the PF Trust leverages QuickPF cloud based solution to manage the PF Members Accounts, then members can view their Passbook over QuickPF Mobile App any time, also they are able to place requests for withdrawal.

Yes, PF members who are eligible can withdraw certain part of fund, which could be applied from QuickPF App, no hassle of going to the accounts office for the same.

QuickPF is the only seamless solution available in India for Managing PF Trust Accounts, Its a Cloud Based system with robust Amazon Cloud Infrastructure. It is the only PF Management System which comes with a Mobile App for PF Members to view passbook, apply for loan, change bank account etc.

A Mobile App for PF Members of Exempted PF Trust to view passbook, apply for loan, change bank account etc.

It is the enterprise platform to manage PF Accounts of PF Members, create reports, generate PF Slips, all as per the EPFO  Regulations and Guidelines.

Yes, all PF Members are able to check their PF Balance through QuickPF Mobile App, including Monthly contributions, Annual PF Slip etc.

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