How to find your UAN?

How to find your UAN?

UAN or Unique Account Number is allotted to a subscriber by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO). This number stays with the person even when they move from one job to the other. Here is how one can track one’s UAN while moving jobs

Easiest way to find UAN
The easiest way to find UAN is to check payslips issued by the earlier employer. The payslip typically captures the UAN of the individual. Another option is to check with earlier employer’s HR department as they keep a record of UAN details.

One can find UAN by providing few basic details on the UAN portal. The UAN portal can be accessed on

UAN portal
The EPFO has a portal where subscribers can view account details, download EPF passbook and carry out transactions such as withdrawal of funds or transfer of PF money from

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